Monday, August 27, 2012

borrowed time

It's sort of literal, actually.  I'm really really excited to start sharing some songs with you that come from a very important part of my music therapy career--- my internship!  With gracious permission from supervising music therapists, as well as other therapists I worked with, I'm happy to share with you songs and activities that were shared with me 6-7 years ago.  "Internship Interventions" (does that sound like a reality TV show? ) will highlight pieces by these creative minds that were mainstays during my time with Midwest Music Therapy Services in St. Louis- as well as during my practice today.  Truly some "goodies."  I hope you find them as useful as I have. 

Today's song is from Lindsay Betz. Lindsay was one of 4 MTs I had the pleasure of learning from during my internship.  Her songwriting style was fun, and I always enjoyed how she could make learning academic tasks seem enjoyable with her ditties. I can say that I've gone back to "Tick Tock Clock" time and time again (no pun meant : ) throughout my career. Currently, Lindsay and her husband own and operate Jonathan Betz Photography in Colorado Springs.  Thanks so much for sharing your creativeness, Lindsay!


Tick, tock, look at the clock-
Let’s learn how to tell time.
Tick, tock, look at the clock-
You will see two hands.

First, look at the short hand-
This is the hour hand.
Find the number on which it lands.
The hour is: ____________.

Next, look at the long hand-
This is the minute hand.
Find the number on which it lands,
Then count by 5’s.
Start at 12 with “0”.
The “0” means o’clock
The minute is: _____________.

Then, put the numbers together.
First the hour, then the minute-
Now you’ve figured out the time.
The time is: _____________________:_____________________.

*over the years, I've adapted the lyrics just a bit to accomodate students' styles of learning